Understanding Dyslexia
Understanding Dyslexia
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Other products available from CALSC - The Communication and Learning Skills Centre include:

  • Timely Reminders, software that helps students to review information they have learned and embed it in the long term-memory. This means that facts are recalled easily.
  • Student Organiser Pack, a pack of worksheets and timetables to help students from ages 9 to 19 years old to be more organised, make more efficient use of their time and to achieve their aims more successfully.
  • Mastering Memory, software with manual that helps you to improve short-term visual and auditory sequential memory of your pupils or students age 3 to adult. It encourages a metacognitive approach to memory development.
  • Classi-cards, a selection of cards with manual that helps to improve classification skills, which are important for word-finding and long-term memory skills.

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